Melissa on Hudson Terrace

I booked my birthday at Hudson Terrace through BookMyBirthday.com and everything was set up perfectly.  The staff at BookMyBirthday was very professional and quick to respond.  They made sure that my reservation was in place and that the door staff at Hudson Terrace knew to expect me.  They took very good care of me and made sure my guests were treated very well and that my table with bottles were set up and in a great location on the rooftop.  Thank you very much for your help!!!  I will definitely recommend all my friends to BookMyBirthday.com

Alex on Monarch Rooftop

I had an amazing time at Monarch Rooftop.  BookMyBirthday.com did an unbelievable job making sure everything was planned and executed perfectly.  My list was set up at the door and everyone got in easily with no cover charge.  I got a great table with a good bottle deal that came out to a reasonable price.  Most venues would charge you an arm and a leg for table service but I got a buy 2 get 1 Free deal and it came out to a good price.  I will definitely send all my friends to BookMyBirthday.com