New York City


217 Bowery Street
New York, New York 10002

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dress code
200 - 500

About the venue


Katra provides New York birthday parties with a unique Moroccan flavor, providing a different look and feel than most nightlife spots, and is the perfect venue to celebrate your NYC birthday in style. Based on design ideals inspired by the beauty of the Middle East, Katra has a wide array of unique cultural items that help to set the mood, ranging from stunning tapestries handcrafted by Berber Village artisans in the Atlas Mountains to handcrafted lighting fixtures and uniquely designed sculptures made by talents known far and wide. The combination is quite unique, beautiful, and provides something different for your NYC birthday.

The venue has a lot of fabulous spaces for celebrating your New York city birthday, including spacious couches and comfortable seating, and spans two levels with separate staircases providing access to each. The drinks are delicious, and the bottle menu lists a wide variety of your favorite beverages, ideal for those looking to make their NYC birthday extraordinary. The staff is attentive, and the management truly cares about your birthday experience at Katra, doing everything possible to ensure that your night is fun. The music at Katra is incredible, and you will often find two entirely different vibes on each separate floor. The venue is well known for its NYC birthday experience, and everyone in the whole place will know it is your special day when sparklers atop bottles appear to help you celebrate your birthday like a celebrity.


Katra’s cuisine conceptualizes the synthcsis of flavols and spices from traditional Middle Eastern/Moroccan fare with the lasting influence of French cuisine on the culture. This innovative balance is achieved by consulting Chef Jonathan Lindenauer (Jean Georges, Taj Launge).. His imagination and expertise in fusion cooking has created a tapas style menu.
Dishes include sweet, crunchy Chick Pea Salad with red onion, pickled red peppe lernon, cumin and mint as appetizers and entrees such as a traditional Lamb Taglne and Merguez Sausage Sandish.
An exclusive cocktail menu consisting of aromatic ingredients will inspire the pallet and enhance the dining experience. Drinks include a Saffron Martini and the Tangier Safi both of which are sure to become fast favorites!

What’s included?

  • No Cover
  • Free Bottles
  • Free Service
  • VIP Treatment